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Gua Sha Fluorite

Gua Sha Fluorite

This FLUORITE  gua sha is multi-functional. 

It is composed of a serrated angle to scrape, the other angles can be used to open the gaze (lymphatic arch) under the chin.

It can be used to  to work on the face and body (arms, neck of the leg):

- Work the oval of the face

- Relax the neck

- Drain the lymph on the arms and legs

- Open eyes


  • Stone of Rooting and Discernment 
  • Helps fight disorganization 
  • Highly protective stone on the psychic level
  • Brings discernment on external influences
  • Purifies the aura
  • Protects against stress  and electromagnetic field 
  • Absorbs negative energies 
  • Promotes intuition and increases self-confidence 
  • Clarifies the mind, has a stabilizing effect, teaches balance
  • Benefits on  cells, regenerates the skin and mucous membranes
  • Repair DNA
  • Antiviral 
  • Treat wrinkles and imperfections 
  • Increases libido ;)



In the light of a full moon, with smoke of white sage or Palo Santo 



clean it with a soft cloth, water and mild soap after each use.


    Elles me font confiance​​, 
    Ludivine Sagnier, Camille Cottin, Melanie Laurent, Lou de Laâge, Vahina Giocante, Marine Vigne, de nombreuses autres célébrités et le magazine ELLE.

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