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Medium Agate Gua Sha

Medium Agate Gua Sha

This gua sha is multi-functional 

It has a serrated angle  to scrape, the other angles can be used to open  the gaze (brow bone) and drain the lymph under the chin.


It can be used to  to work on the face and body (arms, neck, legs)

- Work the oval of the face

- Relax the neck

- Drain the lymph on the arms and legs

- Open eyes


Lithotherapy:   Agate is a rooting stone

- Agate is a healing stone removing conflict and duality

- Helps overcome physical, emotional and mental toxicity and absorbs negative energy

- Repels unwanted spirits

- Alleviates depression and releases addictions

- Promotes decision-making 

- Stimulates the crown chakra bringing earth energies into the subtle bodies

 - Helps to  to bind oxygen in the lungs,  in the skin and the circulatory and nervous system.



In the light of a full moon, with smoke of white sage or Palo Santo 



Clean with a soft cloth, water and mild soap after each use.


    Elles me font confiance​​, 
    Ludivine Sagnier, Camille Cottin, Melanie Laurent, Lou de Laâge, Vahina Giocante, Marine Vigne, de nombreuses autres célébrités et le magazine ELLE.

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