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Sodalite Cloud Guasha

Sodalite Cloud Guasha

With this guasha you can work on stimulating blood circulation through massage.

Action on the lymphatic system

Smoothes wrinkles and stimulates the epidermis

Specific action on facial reflexology points according to the meridians

Action on the muscles around the eye

The virtues of sodalite

In the Middle Ages, sodanum, probably extracted from a plant, was a soda-based remedy used for headaches. Lithotherapy finds this beneficial effect with sodalite. It helps to lighten thoughts, soothes tension and unnecessary feelings of guilt. By removing sorrows, it promotes meditation and harmoniously satisfies our search for ideals and our thirst for truth.

* Stimulates brain function

* Balances blood pressure

* Regulates endocrine balance: Favorable action on the thyroid, insulin production…

* Attenuates calcium deficiencies (spasmophilia)

* Calms panic attacks and phobias

* Promotes sleep for babies

*Removes stress from pets

* Soothes digestive disorders

* Calms hoarseness

* Increases vitality

* Helps fight diabetes

* Neutralizes electromagnetic pollution

* Organizes the logic of thought

* Promotes concentration and meditation

* Helps to control emotions and excess sensitivity

* Facilitates speech

* Promotes self-knowledge

* Restores humility or, on the contrary, removes the feeling of inferiority

* Facilitates group work

* Develops solidarity and altruism

* Strengthens loyalty to one's convictions

Sodalite is associated, primarily, with the 6th chakra, the 3rd eye chakra (seat of consciousness).

  • Purification and recharging

    How to purify your sodalite guasha

    Spring water, demineralized or simply running water will suit it perfectly.

    Avoid salt or use it very occasionally.

    For recharging, no sun: prefer the light of the moon for

    recharge sodalite or place it inside an amethyst geode.


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