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The whale

The whale

La Baleine is made of bian stone, a stone known to have a natural micro-current effect, it does not come from this planet. The stone comes from a mixture of an asteroid which crashed on the earth in China thousands of years ago, and while melting, it mixed with the stone of the region from which it is extracted.

It is said to be the origin of the first Chinese medicine needles.

With the Whale, you can relax the masseters, lift the oval of the face, lift the cheekbones, press the facial reflexology points around the temples and eyes. It is also called the wand of the Empress, because traditionally the Empress received the beauty treatments provided by Chinese therapists of which I have certainly been part in a lifetime earlier ;)! 



    Elles me font confiance​​, 
    Ludivine Sagnier, Camille Cottin, Melanie Laurent, Lou de Laâge, Vahina Giocante, Marine Vigne, de nombreuses autres célébrités et le magazine ELLE.

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